Confidence You Can Wear

Ever thought that you look washed out and bland after a quick look in the mirror? Well girl, some days you feel bright and bold whilst others you may feel simply mundane. Little do you know that those dark and gloomy days when you don’t feel down and low, are the ones when you need to put those kitty claws to work. Here goes a wise old saying by America’s first supermodel, Cheryl Tiegs, and I hereby quote

“Like anyone else, there are days I feel beautiful and days I don't, and when I don't, I do something about it.”

So yes! Put those makeup brushes to work and try out a new makeover to brighten up you day and to start afresh. Feeling pretty is definitely your road to confidence. After all, more we stress on self-care, lesser it seems.

If you think about it, makeup is a small word for a gigantic concept. Different looks, millions of products, age defying materials, personality enhancing concoctions etc., which define who you are and the type of vibes you bring about. If there is one thing which will never cease to exist or will die out, it is DEFINITELY makeup! We say this because it has existed in it’s basic form in every civilization in the past and rather incredible innovations are making it hard to resist for the future. People are more aware and active to keep their aesthetic game strong this decade, and for many more to come.

 “There are no ugly women, only lazy ones” said, Helena Rubinstein and we couldn’t agree more. Looking good and feeling good is directly proportional to the amount of effort you are willing to invest. Hence more the investment better would be the returns. Lifting up spirits, bringing out the personality and most importantly incorporating your creative energy can get you hooked to the idea of using your makeup skills more often.

A funky shade of lipstick can get you in the groove and make you look sassy on an ordinary day. It is rather important to keep upbeat with the trending looks to catch up with the makeup dynamics of the changing seasons. Recently, demure, no-makeup-looks took the stage by storm, with more people opting for bare skin makeovers-inspired by Korean glass skin- with nude shades selectively. On the contrary, people with bold and sassy personalities like prominent looks with grungy eyes and ravishing lip colors. Makeup variations are as large as the personality differences in the masses, which explains why you should always feel comfortable in your skin and carry your chosen look without approvals or validation.